Blood Management

The Blood Management Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center offers our patients alternative approaches and uses numerous techniques to decrease blood transfusions throughout the hospital.

With patient safety being a priority, the reduction in the use of blood products has been triggered by several factors including:

1) Risks associated with transfusion of blood
2) Poor clinical outcomes associated with blood transfusions
3) Blood shortage
4) High cost of a blood transfusion
5) Patients’ demands

The Blood Management Institute encompasses pre-operative planning that includes anemia evaluation and treatment and intra-operative and post-operative management.

1. Pre-operative Anemia Clinic

For a patient with chronic anemia (low red blood cell count) this program utilizes numerous treatments and therapies to optimize a patient’s red cell count prior to surgery.

Techniques include:

  • Medical evaluation of anemia prior to surgery including a review of medication/herbal supplements
  • Use of iron and vitamin supplementation
  • Use of erythropoietin

2. Intra-operative Management – During surgery, steps are taken to minimize blood loss.

These techniques include:

  • Normovolemic hemodilution before surgery
  • Use of an intraoperative cell salvage device which collects, cleans and returns the blood to the patient
  • Surgical and anesthesia techniques to minimize bleeding

3. Post-operative Management – The postoperative management includes:

  • Use of cell salvage techniques to collect blood from surgical drains
  • Use of iron, vitamins and erythropoietin therapy
  • Strategies to help an individual develop a greater tolerance to anemia
  • Standardized blood utilization practices
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