Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

Promoting Lifelong Behavioral Health for Neurodiverse People

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that impacts social communication and behavior. It is usually diagnosed early in life. For information about diagnosis in childhood, visit our pediatric autism services page.

Autism affects each person differently, resulting in varying degrees of support needs.

When autistic patients receive services at RWJBarnabas Health's Behavioral Health facilities, they get the very best clinical attention from our behavioral medicine professionals.

With focus and dedication, our staff works tirelessly to help patients experience a better quality of life.

It is important to recognize that ASD is a form of neurodiversity. Everyone has things that they are good at as well as areas in with which they may need help. In addition to focusing on areas in which a person may have challenges and need help building skills, it is also important to identify and build on the person’s strengths.

We strive to identify ways that the home, school, work, and community environments can be modified to support, welcome, and accept autistic people.

While autism is a lifelong disability, symptoms may lessen as a person matures and receives services and environmental supports.

To learn more about available treatment options near you, call our Access Center for 24-hour consultative support at 1-800-300-0628.