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Executive Health Program

Helping Today’s Business Leaders Prioritize Executive Health

The benefits of being a healthy executive leading a company are immeasurable. Healthy workers are more productive, absent from work less, and more satisfied in their professional lives. Our Executive Health Services Program at RWJBarnabas Health offers many services to suit the healthcare needs of the modern executive. We offer exams to help uncover potential health issues, assess your risk factors, and administer any necessary treatment. If your physician determines you need specialty medical care, you will have access to our hospital’s world-class, board-certified physicians. The medical team at RWJBarnabas Health only uses the latest technological equipment to give you the best care in New Jersey.

What Does the Executive Health Program Offer?

Our first-class Executive Health Program at RWJBarnabas Health understands you have a busy, fast-paced lifestyle as a corporate executive. That’s why we encourage these men and women executives to make sure their health is in as good of condition as the companies they oversee. We understand you’re busy, and that’s why we offer concierge scheduling services (generally, appointments can be scheduled within 1 week). To that end, we offer comprehensive on-site services and extended, 90-minute physical exams. You won’t have to wait for most test results, either, as we provide “Stat” results.

The Executive Examination

  • A pre-appointment interview based on your medical history
  • Physical exam by a board-certified internist physician
  • Complete blood studies and labs drawn (includes PSA level for men)
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Chest X-ray
  • Hearing screening
  • Vision testing
  • Cardiac stress test
  • Fitness evaluation
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Physician consultation, results and recommendations
  • Women’s wellness consultations for female executives (includes a pelvic exam by a gynecologist, pap test, complete blood studies (includes CA-125), screening mammogram, and 1 follow-up visit
  • And more

We Provide World-Class Comfort

Furthermore, our facility was designed for the comfort and convenience of today’s busy executive and includes:

  • Business center with Internet access
  • Private showers and restrooms
  • Refreshments and meals
  • On-site, sheltered parking
  • Other amenities

What’s Next?

Before you visit RWJBarnabas Health, you will receive a packet by mail with a detailed medical history questionnaire for you to fill out, and we will include instructions for fasting after midnight. You will receive a pre-visit phone call to go over your paperwork, explain any tests/bloodwork you will need, and to answer your questions or concerns.

After your Executive Examination, you will receive a 1-on-1 consultation with a physician who will provide you with any and all findings of your exam. If any medical problems are identified, your doctor will offer to arrange priority access to our specialist physicians at RWJBarnabas Health for further evaluation and specialized treatment.

It is important to note that the Executive Health Program does not replace your primary care physician, and the Executive Examination is a one-time visit. The results of your Executive Examination will be disclosed to your primary care physician, as well as any recommendations to help you lead the healthiest lifestyle possible.

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New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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