Heart Rhythm Disorders Program

doctor and patientHeart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) are abnormal heartbeats that cause the heart to beat too fast (tachycardias), too slow (bradycardias) or irregularly. These disorders are caused by a problem with the heart’s electrical system, which stimulates the heart to squeeze and relax. Although heart rhythm disorders sometimes occur in a healthy heart and have minimal consequences, they can also be a sign of a more serious problem.

The Heart Rhythm Disorders Program at RWJBarnabas Health provides innovative, multi-specialty care for patients with irregular heart rhythms, heart palpitations and rapid heartbeats. From evaluation to treatment, this unique program delivers the best possible outcomes for each and every patient. Available at all of our 11 hospitals, our program is able to offer patients comprehensive and compassionate care.

Requesting an Appointment

Prior to scheduling an appointment with one of our cardiovascular specialists, you may need a referral from your primary care physician. In some cases, you may make a self-referral. For a self-referral, please contact us or request an appointment online.

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Conditions Treated

Our program is able to treat a variety of heart conditions. These include but are not limited to:

Procedures Offered

Your cardiologist will decide on the specific procedure based on several factors, including the type of heart disease you have and how severe it is; your age, medical history and lifestyle; and results performed during your evaluation. Some procedural options may include:

Meet the Team

Meet our TeamInstrumental to our program’s success is our passionate, experienced, and integrated multidisciplinary team comprised of cardiovascular specialists skilled in all aspects of health care. To learn more about our team members, please visit our Heart Rhythm Disorders Team page.

Meet Our Team

Access to the Latest Medical and Clinical Research

RWJBarnabas Health Heart, Vascular & Thoracic also prides itself in providing patients with the opportunity to have access to the latest technology and medical advancements via participation in some of the most renowned clinical studies offered. As you are aware, clinical studies help bridge research and patient care by evaluating therapies, drugs and diagnostic tools to drive discoveries into clinical practice. To learn more about our clinical trials, please visit our Clinical Trials page.