Wellness on Wheels

We Are What We Eat!

What we eat, what we earn, and where we live and work are all factors in our health. Researchers now know that social and environmental factors contribute greatly to wellness. RWJBarnabas Health recognizes that in order to truly improve the health of its patients and the communities in which they live, it needs to actively address all of the factors that affect health. With that in mind, the Social Impact and Community Investment (SICI) Practice at RWJBarnabas Health was created to improve the health of New Jersey residents by addressing key issues such as nutrition, housing, workforce and education.

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One key issue that the SICI practice addresses is food insecurity. We all know that the choices we make about which foods to eat and how those foods are prepared can either prevent or exacerbate illness. But what about those without adequate resources to afford healthier options or those who reside in areas impacted by systemic issues which create food deserts?

  • Are people eating the right foods? Can families still enjoy their traditional family and culturally rich foods made with a healthier twist? Do they know whether this is possible?
  • Does everyone have equal access to fresh, nutritious and affordable healthy options?
  • Do our local grocery stores, convenience stores, and bodegas carry fresh fruits and vegetables? And are they affordable?

Wellness on Wheels was created to work within our communities to both answer these questions and serve as an vital resource.

About Wellness on Wheels (WOW)

Wellness on Wheels (WOW) is a greenhouse and cooking school on wheels! It brings free demonstration and nutrition education right into local neighborhoods. WOW is custom-designed to work with schools, senior homes, houses of worship, health care providers and community-based organizations to reach families and communities, emphasizing the value of good nutrition. Some of the key topics covered include:

  • The importance of a healthy diet and the link to health
  • How to make healthier food choices in our fast paced environment
  • Healthy Food Preparation
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Education

In addition to providing education, WOW will deliver fresh fruits and vegetables grown from RWJBarnabas Health Greenhouses, local gardens, and farms directly into the community. Finally, multi-disciplinary professionals and paraprofessionals will volunteer their time to offer health screenings to community members.

Food Allergy Disclaimer: Please note WOW is a nut-free mobile cooking school. Other food allergy accommodations may be considered in small settings upon request.

Request More Information About WOW

Complete this request form to inquire about availability of the RWJBarnabas Health Wellness on Wheels van for your community health event.

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