Frequently Asked Questions

EMT Initial Training

Where are classes held?

  • Classes are held at various RWJBarnabas Health campuses and satellite locations so please be sure you know where you will be traveling to. You cannot be more than 15 minutes late to any class session per state regulations so please make sure you plan on travel time even during rush hour.

Are classes online or in-person?

  • All sessions are marked “classroom” on our schedule and will take place in-person. NJ does not permit skills practice to be done online. This also means there are no online options if you are absent from class.

Are there CEU & refresher classes at RWJBarnabas campuses?

  • Yes, we do offer core refresher and CEU classes at several of our campuses. Courses can be found at

How old must you be to become an EMT?

  • State regulations require you to be 16 years old prior to the first day of class – no exceptions.

Does this course require a lot of outside class work?

  • This course requires a lot of reading and studying. Students read an average of 200 pages of material per week. So, in addition to class time, please make sure you have enough time on non-class days to study.

Do I need a computer for this course?

  • Yes. You will watch interactive lectures and skills videos as well as take all quizzes and tests online. Access to the internet via laptop, tablet, or similar device will be needed for you to complete all of your work.

Am I eligible to take the certification exam after completing initial EMT training?

  • Yes. After an initial training course is completed, you are eligible to take the NREMT certification exam.

Am I certified at the end of the course?

  • Almost. Students must sign-up to take the NREMT Certification Exam which costs $104 (September 2023). If you pay for the course with a training fund form, you will be allowed one free attempt.

What is a New Jersey Training Fund Form?

  • If you volunteer on a rescue squad, you may be eligible to receive this form which waives the $2,000 tuition. You are still responsible for the registration fee and background check. The training fund form is for active volunteers that are volunteering before a class begins. RWJBarnabas Health does not help in matching you with your community rescue squads so you are encouraged to contact them on your own. You MUST verify your agency is on this list by clicking HERE. In the “General Education Section” click on “Agencies Eligible for the EMT Training Fund” for the most up to date information.

Why is the registration fee non-refundable?

  • The registration fee is used for the purchase of the textbook, access to our learning management system, uniform shirt, BP Cuff, Stethoscope, Pen Light and Student Bag which we order immediately upon collection of the $500.

Are there any loans or monthly payment options available to cover tuition?

  • No, however, if the $2,000 needs to be divided so that you can make the payments prior to the due date, please fill out the "Contact Us" form and someone from our office will contact you to discuss options.

Can I use GI bill funds to pay for EMT tuition if I am in the military?

  • We have had students tell us they have used their GI bill funds to pay for the course; however, RWJBarnabas does not deal with that specifically. Past students have reported that they work with the education officer at their local VA and then the student ends up paying us directly.

Is this course free for RWJBarnabas Health employees?

  • No. However, employees may be eligible for tuition reimbursement. Please contact Human Resources to find out if your position is eligible.

Why do you require uniforms and how much are they?

  • EMT’s must look professional when interacting with patients and training is no exception. You will receive one uniform shirt and ID at your first class which are included in your tuition. Students are given several options for pants and boots that they purchase on their own as an additional cost to tuition.

Do I really need 100% attendance?

  • State regulations require 100% attendance. Our classes work in 3.5-hour blocks. We will allow you to make up (2) 3.5-hour sessions for emergencies only. There are no exceptions beyond this. NOTE: weddings, vacations, business trips, religious holidays, SATs, ACTs, college visits, college classes, college start dates, etc. are not emergencies and not exceptions to the 100% attendance. No further inquiry is needed to see if it is allowed. You must attend all sessions.

Can I get high school or college credits for this course?

  • This is up to your learning institution. Here is a syllabus you can use to submit for credit review if needed. You will need to ask your school for more information. We are happy to provide a record of your grades after course completion.

  • RWJBarnabas is also a partner with Columbia Southern University. We provide directions at the end of the course on applying to either have credits put on an official transcript so that you may transfer them to your college or apply the credits to one of the degree programs that CSU offers. Our partnership allows you to receive discounted tuition.

Do you make accommodations for students with disabilities or English as a second language learners?

  • If you have had an IEP written in the last 5 years that specifies you should have extended testing time, you will have one and half times the allotted time to take written exams. The state does expect students to be proficient in English to be effective EMT’s. Please contact us for all other ADA related questions so that we may best assist you individually in determining what accommodations we may be able to provide.

Does RWJBarnabas Health guarantee employment if I take a course at one of their hospitals?

  • We do not guarantee employment. However, the hospital does hire employees that have done well and graduated from our courses. Many local ambulance companies are also looking for employees. So, although we do not guarantee or help you with this process, employment is available if you choose to pursue it as a career.

A class appears full, may I still apply?

  • If you attempt to complete step 2 of the application and no seats remain in a course, you may skip this step and complete step 3. You will be contacted only if a seat opens. We have no way of knowing how many on the wait list, if any, we will use for a course in each semester.

EMT Initial Training