Pediatric Feeding Program

The Pediatric Feeding Program at Children's Specialized Hospital offers evaluation and treatment services for children with feeding difficulties and their families.

Our continuum of services allows our feeding experts to evaluate and treat from the simple to the most complex feeding difficulties.

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Feeding Issues

Examples of common problems our feeding experts evaluate and treat include children who:

  • Are dependent on tube feedings
  • Are not growing the way they should
  • Eat only a few foods
  • Have behavior problems at meals
  • Have difficulty chewing
  • Have difficulty sucking
  • Have difficulty swallowing
  • Have sensory difficulties that impact meals

Pediatric Feeding Program: Evaluation Services

Each child’s feeding behavior is unique. Our feeding experts will partner with you to identify your child’s feeding strengths and challenges, to individualize your child’s evaluation, and to assess your child’s unique needs. We offer these evaluation services:

After an evaluation, we may recommend treatment.

Pediatric Feeding Program: Treatment Services

Each child’s feeding behavior is unique. After the evaluation, our feeding experts will partner with you to develop an individualized treatment that will address your child’s unique needs. We offer these services:

Need Help? Contact our Feeding Intake Coordinator, call 908-301-5915

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Patient Stories

  • This team was amazing, and we are so thankful that we were given a chance to do this therapy with Lara so we could remove her tube.

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  • "There are people at CSH that want to help you. When we answer that phone and open that door, we want to help make your child’s life a little bit better. We want to take some of that strain and pressure off you and make your life a little bit easier."

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  • Riley was transported to Children’s Specialized Hospital’s (CSH) Inpatient Facility in New Brunswick for rehabilitation. “I was praying that we would be able to get her in there,” shares Breezzye. “I was familiar with the hospital, Riley’s grandmother is ...

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Patient Stories

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