Indian Medical Program Brings Health Care and Navigation to the Indian Community in NJ

The Indian Medical Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset assists patients with making medical appointments; arranging round-trip transportation for medical appointments; finding specialty doctors; filling out forms; accompanying patients to treatments and providing translation/interpretation services. Learn more about how this program is making a difference from our patient navigator, a patient and physicians.

Indian Americans comprise the largest Asian ethnic group in New Jersey. The Indian Medical Program is dedicated to ensuring that we meet the medical needs of the growing Indian American population in our community.

Our goal is to reduce health disparities and to see to it that all patients get equitable access to the health care services they need.

Our program is the only one of its kind in New Jersey that provides patient-centered, family-oriented and culturally sensitive health care services.

We Speak Your Language

Shisha Patel

Shisha Patel
Patient Navigator

Language should not be a barrier to care. Our health care navigators can help arrange for translation and interpretation services if necessary.

We can help you or your loved ones easily access cost-efficient, high quality care, including:

  • Inpatient and outpatient services
  • Free screenings
  • Community education
  • Low-cost preventive programs

Our navigators can also help you find providers who speak your language and who understand special health challenges that are more prevalent in Indian communities, such as heart conditions, high blood pressure, digestive issues, infectious diseases, cancer, and orthopedic issues.

Indian Medical Program Services

  • Bilingual staff that understands your language and culture and can help you access the health and medical care services you want and need
  • Personalized case management services help take the stress and anxiety out of managing medical care so you can concentrate on achieving and maintaining good health
  • Communication with your referring physician to keep them apprised of your medical care and any treatment that you undergo to enhance the continuum of your care
  • Physician liaisons that can help coordinate in-hospital care and services
  • Translation/interpretation services and support from a dedicated, culturally aware clinical staff for Indian patients who are admitted to the hospital
  • Timely referrals and appointments for doctors and specialists, outpatient services, and additional tests and treatments

Providing Health Education to New Jersey's Indian Community

The Indian Medical Program offers opportunities for health education and provides health screenings to local communities, including senior centers and apartment buildings, pharmacies, libraries, restaurants and more. We also attend and support local communities’ events and activities.

We are committed to serving the needs of Indian patients in Central New Jersey and helping them navigate the health care system to receive the care they need.

To contact the Indian Medical Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset, call Shisha Patel at 908-595-2348 or 908-642-3739.

RWJ University Hospital Somerset
110 Rehill Avenue
Somerville, NJ 08876
(908) 685-2200

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