Maternal Health Awareness

RWJBarnabas Health Recognizes Maternal Health Awareness Day

At RWJBarnabas Health, our maternity centers care for mothers-to-be and their families as they welcome new babies into the world. About 70 babies are born each day at our nine birthing hospitals — that's one birth every 20 minutes.

We emphasize that pregnancy care is more than just about helping you becoming a parent. It's about ensuring your health and your baby's health and well-being during and after the child's birth.

The sad fact is that in the United States, more than 700 maternal deaths occur each year, and it is estimated that about two thirds of these are preventable. Up to 50,000 women may experience severe complications during pregnancy, at delivery or in the postpartum period. We are committed to preventing these threats to pregnant women and new mothers by:

  • Raising awareness of potentially life-threatening warning signs
  • Providing specialized care to women with high-risk pregnancies
  • Educating our clinicians on the latest evidence-based clinical practices
  • Sharing facts about what pregnant patients and their families need to know about immunization and COVID-19
  • Observing Maternal Health Awareness Day, an annual day of education and advocacy

Most women who give birth recover without problems. But any woman can have complications after the birth of a baby. Learning the warning signs can save your life or the life or someone you love.

Maternal Health Awareness Day - January 23

Maternal Health Awareness Day encourages people to come together to advocate for the equality and dignity of women. It is an opportunity for healthcare providers to educate, advocate and bring awareness to the importance of solutions that meet the physical, social and emotional needs of all women during pregnancy – and in the days, weeks and months after giving birth. It encourages women to amplify their voices so they will:

  • Speak up when something seems wrong
  • Know when to share their concerns with others
  • Start conversations with their doctors

2022 Maternal Health Awareness Events Calendar

In recognition of Maternal Health Awareness Day, RWJBarnabas Health hosts various educational events for healthcare providers and the public to help increase awareness of maternal health issues within the communities we serve. See below for the schedule of free virtual events in January, and click the event names for more information and to register.

COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

Jersey City Medical Center and Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center both have COVID-19 vaccine and booster appointments available for pregnant and post-partum women.

Meet the Maternal Child Health Unit/Women's Health Center Teams at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Members of the community can meet the Maternal Child Health Unit/Women’s Health Center teams from Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, who help welcome close to 3,000 babies a year to the world. Read more.

Maternal Health Resources