New Surgery Center

With collaboration from a committed nursing team, the Surgery Center in the Cooperman Family Pavilion has been expanded to include the most advanced technology as well as many thoughtful touches for the best patient and family experience.

With patients and families in mind, clinical staff helped provide the right touches to the new unit to foster connection and communication.

security cuffssurgery center call system

“As clinicians, our number one goal is keeping our patients informed and making sure they have no anxiety. Ensuring that the team had everything at their fingertips to allow them to stay with patients and spend as much time at the bedside as possible was most important for us on this unit and it shows,” said manager of the center Eileen Loma, RN, BSN

The Surgery Center is equipped with private rooms that feature flat screen televisions, chargers for cell phones/computers, a state-of-the-art call bell system and a Hillrom tracking system. It has 6 specific icon lights for the surgery patient population. They are Physician (white), Anesthesia ( blue), Nurse (green), Delay (yellow), Lab work( red), and Ready(pink). Each light is activated by the RN to coincide with what is needed for the patient. The light is activated outside the room and helps with staff efficiency, allowing for the best patient experience.

vein findersurgery center wheelchair scale

Other advanced technology and patient/visitor comforts housed in the Surgery Center include:

  • Disposable, scanned security cuffs that remain on patients throughout their stay
  • Vein-finders for difficult IV insertion that aids us in locating the vein and avoids multiple sticks for the patient
  • Bladder scanners to assess bladder fullness and need for catheterization
  • Dopplers
  • Newest otoscopes
  • Code carts at every nurses station
  • Wheelchair scale along with multiple bariatric scales
  • Bariatric furniture, including wheelchairs to provide a comfortable experience for all patients
  • Mobile video language line that allows video translation services and sign language
  • 4 mobile video gaming stations that can be wheeled into patient rooms
  • Charging tower in the welcoming area to charge phones, laptops, iPads and other electronic devices free of charge
surgery center gaming stationsurgery center nurses

The new Surgery Center also features its own physical therapy area, a negative pressure room for isolation cases, two physician consultation rooms, a quiet booth for families in need of private space for personal conversations, three nourishment centers, patient lockers, and two pneumatic transport systems that have direct access to the lab and pharmacy.

surgery center nursessurgery center