Pursuing a Career in Health Care?

Medical Scribes at RWJBarnabas Health

New Jersey GraphicThe Emergency and Hospitalist Medicine Service Line through RWJBarnabas Health employs Medical Scribes at 12 Emergency Departments and Hospitalist sites throughout the enterprise.

RWJBH Medical Scribes accompany the clinician to the patient’s room, take detailed notes during the clinician’s interaction with the patient and their family, and then enter all pertinent information into the physician note component of the Electronic Medical Record. They work directly alongside clinicians and are active members of the health care team. Medical Scribes maximize the efficiency of our clinicians by managing all aspects of clinical documentation, thereby allowing the clinician to devote their time to patient care. Our Medical Scribes have a variety of educational backgrounds, but all share a common goal of pursuing a career in health care.

At RWJBH, we provide a paid, four-week training program – which consists of a review of medical terminology, clinical documentation requirements, and the components of a physician note.

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Benefits of being an RWJBH Medical Scribe:

  • Work directly alongside Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Residents
  • Develop expert documentation skills and learn about medical decision making
  • Exposure to medical terminology, procedures, clinician workflow, and hospital operations
  • Work for the same organization as the clinicians
  • Guaranteed hours/benefits for eligible employees – PTO, 401K, insurance, tuition reimbursement
  • Opportunity to work in a positive, fast-paced environment

Application Requirements:

  • College-level science courses
  • Experience in a direct patient care environment preferred (e.g. Patient Care Technician, Medical Assistant, hospital volunteer, EMS, prior scribe experience, shadowing)
  • Responsible and detail-oriented individual with a passion for medicine!

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Former Medical Scribe Testimonials

CBMC Scribe Group“The ED Scribe position came at a crucial time in my career after college. I was able to learn about the way a hospital functions, experience firsthand emergency medicine cases, learn medical terminology, and most importantly develop connections with physicians and APPs. Those relationships have helped me get into medical school, residency and ultimately an attending Emergency Physician job back at the very place I started as an ED Scribe. I am grateful. “ – Peter Q. Lee, M.D., Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center

Kelsey Vella, PA-C.“The knowledge and experience I gained during my two years spent as a Scribe between undergrad and PA school were invaluable. Familiarity of medical terminology, proper note-writing, and simply the comfort of having previously been in a medical setting prior to both didactic and clinical year allowed me to focus on the complexities of medicine and the more arduous aspects of PA school. Being a Scribe prepared me to work as part of a medical team and fostered my personal and professional development in preparation for a demanding graduate program and eventually into my PA career.” Kelsey Vella, PA-C., Clara Maas Medical Center

Christopher Dodgen, PA-C"My experience as a scribe was an invaluable precursor to my career as a physician assistant in the emergency department. Between the medical terminology, exposure to patient-centered medicine, and real-time teaching from the medical providers, I was abundantly prepared for my PA school education. I often felt as though my experience as a scribe gave me benefits during graduate school that others without scribing experience did not have. I highly recommend scribing for anyone interested in a career in medicine."– Christopher Dodgen, PA-C., Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center

Joanne Ahn, M.D.  CBMC”Becoming an ED Scribe was a major stepping stone for me in my career in medicine. Not only did it provide me with invaluable clinical experience and exposure, but I made connections and friends with people I work with to this day as an ED physician. When I was a Scribe, I actually looked forward to going to work every day. Working alongside ED providers was exciting and eye-opening. Not many jobs allow you to be this close to the action right out of college. Clearly that fun and excitement carried through medical school and beyond, and now I get to be that ED provider and I can honestly say I still look forward to going to work every day!”– Joanne Ahn, M.D., Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center