Bloodless Medicine Videos

What is Bloodless Medicine and Surgery?

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery refers to medical and surgical care without the use of blood transfusion. It involves more than simply not administering blood transfusion to patients.

How Does Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Work?

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery involves three basic principles, careful planning and the use of skillful technique to ensure the best outcome for you the patient.

Understanding Blood Components and Fractions

The blood in your body is called whole blood and it has four major components: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. Substances taken out of the four major components are often referred to as minor fractions. These minor fractions are separated preoteins and are used to make various products that can help to control bleeding.

Cell Salvage and Hemodilution

Cell Salvage and Hemodilution are two medical procedures that may be used to avoid blood transfusion. Both procedures recycles your own blood during or after surgery.