Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advanced directive or living will and how do I obtain one?

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How can I get a copy of my medical record or my loved one's medical record?

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How can I get a copy of my birth certificate or my child's birth certificate?

Birth certificates are not kept by Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center. To obtain your birth or your child's certificate, you may go in person to Livingston Health Department/Community Center, 204 Hillside Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039 or you may call (973) 535-7961. This recorded message provides instructions on how to obtain a birth certificate through the mail. You may also visit their website.

Am I eligible to become an egg donor?

Most couples never think they will have trouble starting a family, yet one in five couples of childbearing age will experience the pain of infertility. This can be a devastating experience. Now, with the assistance of today's revolutionary fertility treatments, couples have a better chance than ever of becoming pregnant. The Institute for Reproductive Medicine reports pregnancy rates that are among the highest in the nation. Our medical staff includes internationally renowned specialists in infertility treatment, as well as distinguished embryologists and biologists who pioneered many of the assisted reproductive techniques in use today. Please review our Step By Step Guide for Donors for more detailed information.

Are there any guidelines if my organization wants to visit patients during the holidays or at other times during the year?

  • Visits are welcomed by our patients and provide an uplifting experience for members of the community who wish to share their time or gifts to those in the hospital. A few guidelines will ensure a successful visit:
  • Plan your visit in advance by calling the Child Life Department at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center at (973) 322-8350.
  • Group size should be limited to no more than five people. Children and students must be 12 years of age or older and accompanied by an adult.
  • Due to dietary restrictions and to prevent choking, no food should be offered to pediatric patients.
  • No religious materials may be distributed.
  • Upon arrival at Cooperman Barnabas, please park in the Visitor’s Parking Lot and bring your parking ticket with you to the main lobby. Please wait in the lobby for the proper hospital personnel to escort your group. No group may visit without a Child Life escort as well as a prescheduled appointment. Please contact the Child Life Department at (973) 322-8350 two to four weeks prior to when you would like to come.
  • A signed photo release form is required to take photos of any patients, visitors or hospital personnel. Pediatric patients may not have their photos taken without their parent’s permission. Please advise Child Life if you would like to take pictures during your visit.
  • Pregnant women are encouraged to discuss their proposed visit to Cooperman Barnabas with their physician prior to coming.

Guidelines regarding gifts or donations:

  • A variety of gifts and donations are welcome, including new toys, videotapes, flowers, homemade crafts, etc. To learn more and make arrangements, please call Community Health and Outreach at 973-322-2448
  • No used toys or books will be accepted.
  • Any monetary donation can be made by contacting the Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center Development Department.

What are your policies regarding 1) group field trips, 2) orientation for children scheduled for hospitalization, and 3) parental presence during inpatient stays?

  1. Group field trips are addressed above under guidelines for organizations visiting patients. Our policies and requirements are discussed in detail, however, if you have other questions regarding visits, please contact the Child Life Department at (973) 322-8350.
  2. The Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center Child Life Department offers a pre-operative tour program for parents of children scheduled for surgery here at the Medical Center. Parents may schedule a tour to see the pre-operative area with their child. Our Child Life Specialists have also developed a photo book that illustrates the process pediatric patients go through when they come for surgery. This book and the tour help prepare children for their hospital experience. Parents may call (973) 322-8350 to schedule an appointment. This orientation program is not intended for children who are suddenly admitted to the hospital due to illness or injury.
  3. Parental presence is welcome throughout a child's inpatient stay. One parent may stay at the child's bedside 24 hours a day. The other parent can stay until 11 p.m. or spend the night in the family room. Two visitors, 12 years of age or older, may visit in addition to the parents during our regularly scheduled pediatric visiting hours: 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Can you tell me how I can get more of the pacifiers that the hospital gives out in the nursery?

To purchase additional pacifiers, contact Children’s Medical Ventures: 275 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061; 1-800-377-3449; or visit their website.

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