What is an EEG?

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a recording of the electrical activity in the brain. This activity is recorded as rhythmical “brain waves” onto a computer and interpreted by a neurologist. The EEG is an important part of the evaluation of neonates, children, and adults with seizures disorders.

How does and EEG Help?

The main role of an EEG is in the evaluation of epilepsy. An EEG often helps the doctor determine seizure type or specific types of epilepsy conditions. An EEG can sometimes be used to monitor treatment, and to locate the site of seizure activity.

Checklist for patients prior to admittance for an EEG:

  1. Wash hair the night before the testing.
  2. No glue, adhesive or other attachments on scalp.
  3. Don’t let children sleep on their way to the EEG.
  4. Wear button down shirt.
  5. Arrange child care for other children.
  6. Bring insurance card and EEG request or prescription
  7. Arrive 30 minutes before scheduled appointment to complete paperwork.

For questions and other information please dial 973-322-7580.