First Aid and Emergency Care


Immediate care of a burn injury should always include:

  • Cooling all burns with tepid to cool water, regardless of degree. Continue flushing the area for up to 10 minutes. Do not apply ice, ointments, butter or other “home remedies”. Remove all clothing or garments to reduce the contact time with hot items.

  • Cover affected areas with a clean dry cloth, towel or blanket to protect the burn and minimize pain.

  • Seek medical attention if burn is larger than the victim’s hand size, if the victim is a child or elderly person. (refer to Transfer Criteria)

To Schedule an Appointment for the Wound and Burn Center,
Wound Care Patients call (973) 322-8555
Burn Center Patients call (973) 322-5924

For Immediate Care or to arrange a patient transfer,
call (973) 322-5920

Guidelines of Care for Small Burns

Guidelines of Care for Small Burns

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The Burn Center at Cooperman Barnabas is New Jersey’s designated burn treatment facility. For 24-hour transportation or consultation to The Burn Center at Cooperman Barnabas, call (973) 322-5920.

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