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The Gynecologic Cancer and Pelvic Surgery Center serves as a regional referral center for both Gynecologic Oncology as well as Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeries, attracting patients from throughout New Jersey and the surrounding tri-state area. The Center has one of the highest volumes of Gynecologic Oncology and Gynecologic Surgery in the Northeast with over 100 years of combined experience.

A comprehensive range of services necessary for the proper treatment of gynecologic malignancies is provided by the Center, including radical cancer surgeries, cytoreduction, bowel and urologic surgery, lymphadenectomies, implantable vascular ports, laser and laparoscopic surgeries as well as the latest in multi-agent chemotherapeutics. The Center manages the full spectrum of gynecologic malignancies of vulvar, vaginal, cervical, endometrial, ovarian and gestational trophoblastic (molar) origin. Our physicians are experts in the management of the abnormal Pap smears as well as preinvasive disease of the cervix, vagina and vulva. Consultations for hereditary gynecologic cancer syndromes are also available.

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Gynecologic Cancer and Pelvic Surgery

Gynecologic Cancer and Pelvic Surgery works in close collaboration with the Department of Radiation Oncology in the treatment of patients with gynecologic cancer, thereby facilitating a multimodality approach to the management of malignancies. The Department of Radiation Oncology is equipped with a 23-million-volt linear accelerator, which reduced significantly treatment-related complications. In addition, high-dose rate radiation (HDR) and hyperthermia units (state-of-the-art therapeutic modalities) are often employed, which continue to open new frontiers for the treatment of gynecologic malignancies.

Patient care strategies are developed through a team approach with four gynecologic oncologists in conjunction with an oncologic nursing staff. This affords patients the benefit of the breadth of experience and knowledge of the four physicians, so often needed in the complex management of gynecologic cancer. Gynecologic Tumor Boards and joint Radiation Oncology/Gynecologic Oncology conferences are held which assist in treatment planning and physician education.

The Cooperman Barnabas Melchiorre Cancer Center offers a number of support groups, designed to address the needs of individuals with various forms of cancer at different stages of illness. Because a cancer diagnosis affects the entire family, we offer groups targeted to patients, their adult family and friends, and their children. Professional social workers and nurses lead most groups.

The other major function of the Center is as a regional referral center for Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery. The entire spectrum of various pelvic support defects (hernias), such as vaginal vault and uterine prolapses, cystoceles, rectoceles, enteroceles, as well as patients with urinary incontinence or urologic fistulas, are comprehensively evaluated and treated. Women who have experienced extensive perineal lacerations during childbirth may experience incontinence of stool/or flatus often requiring surgical repair. The Center is also a well-known national referral source for the management of women with vaginal agenesis (women born without a vagina and/or uterus).