Radium-223/Xofigo for Prostate Cancer

Radium-223 treatment is available for patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer who have symptomatic bone metastases and minimal or lack of visceral metastatic disease. The treatment course is six-intravenous monthly injections. Studies have shown in a randomized controlled trial to improve overall survival, disease free survival and quality of life with a decrease in pain from bone metastasis.

Most importantly, this treatment has been shown to improve patient's quality of life with a significant reduction in pain. Radium-223 is a radioactive isotope and works by emitting high-energy radiation and specifically localizes to bone and the metastatic disease within the bone. While treatment with Radium-223 has been shown to be highly effective, it was also shown to be well tolerated and safe for patients. Radium-223 has complemented existing effective therapies and is an excellent option for selected patients.

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