Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

What Is Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy?

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) localizes radiation to a very limited area with a very high level of precision. It involves the delivery of one to five radiation treatments and utilizes a very potent biological dose of radiation delivered to the tumor, improving the cure rates while minimizing toxicity. This highly specialized form of radiation involves the use of multiple beam angles to safely deliver high doses of radiation to the tumor while minimizing dose to healthy surrounding tissues.

Who Is Eligible?

Patients with early stage lung cancers, typically five centimeters or less, who are unable to have surgery are excellent candidates for treatment with SBRT. SBRT has been shown to be highly effective in curing patients of early stage lung cancer, while minimizing toxicity and allowing patients to maintain an excellent quality of life. Treatments are typically completed in three to five sessions. The benefits of SBRT have also been studied in patients whose cancers have spread to their livers and or spine.

How Is It Performed?

SBRT requires accurate and personalized treatment planning for each individual patient's anatomy and tumor location. SBRT treatment planning is used in conjunction with a 4-dimensional CT simulation. The 4-D CT simulator allows for assessment of organ and respiratory motion and accounts for patients' breathing and movement. This motion is accounted for during SBRT treatment planning to allow for extremely precise targeting and improved accuracy. Treatment is completed in typically three to five sessions over a 1-2 week period.

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