Smallest Baby to Survive in New Jersey – Second Smallest in the Nation – Born at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Weighing only 11 ounces (320 grams) twin Tyler Martin of Gillette was born at 23-weeks gestation and cared for in the hospitals Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for five months. The smallest baby to survive nationally, who weighed 10 ounces, (280 grams) was three weeks older than the Martin baby.

For infants with the lowest birth weights, the Saint Barnabas NICU has a survival rate that is more than double the average rate at NICUs internationally. In 2002, premature infants born at 23-weeks gestation at Saint Barnabas had a 70 percent chance of survival compared to the average survival rate of 25 percent at 449 NICUs throughout the world.

The Center for Sleep Disorders Opens at Saint Barnabas Medical Center

The state-of-the-art Center for Sleep Disorders offers a full range of services used in the evaluation, diagnosis and management of many sleep-related disorders. Equipped with the latest in monitoring equipment, the center provides the opportunity for overnight sleep studies as well as daytime testing.

Renal Transplant Centers Open Satellite Office in Colts Neck

The Renal Transplant Centers of Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center opened New Jersey’s first satellite office to make kidney transplantation more accessible to those living in the southern region of New Jersey. The non-profit Saint Barnabas Renal Transplant Centers have been performing kidney transplants for more than 35 years and average close to 250 transplants annually.

Saint Barnabas Medical Center is the First in the State to Use New Cutting Edge Technology for Operating Rooms

Saint Barnabas Medical Center is the first hospital in New Jersey to begin using state-of-the-art operating technology in two newly designed operating rooms. The new rooms provide surgeons with the latest modalities for performing a broad range of minimally invasive surgical procedures using advanced laparoscopy, including gastric bypass, laparoscopic living related donor nephrectomy (organ transplant), laparoscopic colon resection, hernia repair, appendectomy and gall bladder removal.

The New Children’s Center at Saint Barnabas Medical Center Opens

Saint Barnabas has evolved into a premier health care facility for children. The new-state-of-the-art $8 million Children’s Center at Saint Barnabas centralizes existing pediatric services within one redesigned and expanded areas of the hospital. The Children’s Center offers the latest technologies, family-friendly lounges and lobbies, new exam and treatment rooms, greater space for support staff, a parent overnight room, sibling play areas and access to the finest pediatric care available.