Fast Track

Emergency Department Fast Tracking

For adult and pediatric patients who are not critically ill or injured, Fast Track enables quick diagnosis, treatment and release for simple sprains, breaks, sports-related injuries and stitches. The Fast Track offers an area for people who have urgent but non-life threatening conditions to be treated and released more quickly. The area includes twelve patient areas, dedicated rooms for suturing and a private waiting area.

The Fast Track treats over 18,000 people each year. The top four reasons for these visits are hand/finger injury due to laceration, sports injuries, falls and low back pain.

The Fast Track offers the community a number of benefits including:

  • Access to Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center physicians and sub-specialists
  • Access to the Emergency Department if the urgent need becomes emergent
  • Rapid assessment and treatment to get you home faster
  • On-site radiology and laboratory testing
  • Collaboration with Matthew J. Morahan, III, Health Assessment Center for Athletes and Im-Pact Concussion Screening Program at the Cooperman Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center

The Fast Track is open daily from 7:00 am-12:00 midnight.
For more information, please call 973-322-5180.