Pediatric Otolaryngology Programs & Services

When it comes to treating pediatric otolaryngology and communication conditions, we are proud to offer specialized programs and services for your child’s particular needs. These specific programs and services work with you and your child to help deliver personal and comprehensive treatment.

Aerodigestive Center

Our Aerodigestive Center focuses on caring for children with complex airway, pulmonary, upper digestive tract, and feeding disorders. Our team of gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, speech/language pathologists, and otolaryngologists combine their specialty knowledge to offer your child the best possible outcome for their condition.

Cochlear Implant Program

Cochlear implants are offered to those profound hearing loss. A team composed of audiologists, speech/language pathologists, social works, neuropsychologists, and otolaryngologists – offers complete evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation services to children with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Cochlear implant evaluations are performed with a collaborative and multidisciplinary team effort to ensure not only the appropriate candidacy but also to provide appropriate long-term follow up care and enable an appropriate educational environment for patients and families.

Hearing Center

The Hearing Center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of every aspect of your child’s hearing loss. We care for children with a variety of conditions, including complex disorders of the ears, mild to profound hearing loss, and dizziness. Our team of audiologists, speech and language pathologists, geneticists, social workers, and otolaryngologists combine their specialty knowledge and efforts to ensure your child is receiving the most advanced and effective care plan.

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Patient Stories

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