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Corporate Care Provides Expert Assessment, Support, and Claims Resolution.

Corporate Care manages workers’ compensation clinical care through careful review of employee injuries and a thorough assessment of patient history to ensure proper care, treatment, and classification of both work-related and non work-related injuries. Our experienced physicians are experts in occupational medicine, and consider all aspects of a patient’s health when determining appropriate care. When disability or injury is work-related, Corporate Care helps coordinate care and manages employees’ safe return to work. When disability or injury is non work-related, Corporate Care discharges the employee to the appropriate medical provider, to ensure employees receive the care they need to get back to work. For employers and employees, Corporate Care provides service and support that facilitate care and provide timely clinical resolution.

Case Studies

Case Study: Anxiety/Acute Stress Reaction

A school employee filed a workers’ compensation claim for an acute stress reaction at work. However, it was noted that the employee was previously treated for an anxiety disorder by their PCP and had been in counseling for stress. Safety was assessed, however, employee was redirected to treating provider and the claim was denied. The insurance carrier was in agreement.

Case Study: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A Board of Education employee presented with a wrist injury and suspected carpal tunnel syndrome; strong family history of carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as predisposing factors which had been disclosed. A risk stratification was performed and the insurance adjuster was notified early in the employee’s care. The adjuster agreed that the employee should be evaluated by a hand specialist, as apportionment was critical to this case. The adjuster was appreciative of our thorough history and clinical assessment, which allowed an apportionment of the injury.

Case Study: Mold Exposure/Allergies

A schoolteacher presented with mold exposure. Pictures were provided that clearly demonstrated mold that presented a health hazard for the teacher and for the students being exposed. The Corporate Care physician worked with the local safety officer to ensure correction of the water damage as allergies and asthma was of concern for the teacher and the students. The teacher was treated at RWJBarnabas Health Corporate Care initially, however, she was ultimately directed to her personal otolaryngologist (ENT) as she also had longstanding allergy issues. She was reassigned to a different classroom until her classroom was remediated. She was educated about the health issues and was pleased that RWJBarnabas Health Corporate Care intervened and addressed both her immediate medical needs and the underlying serious health and safety concerns within the work environment.

Case Study: Back Pain

A schoolteacher presented immediately following the summer break with back pain. Whether an injury occurred was questionable and she had previous non work-related back problems and was well known to RWJBarnabas Health Corporate Care. Corporate Care denied the claim, released her to work from a workers’ compensation standpoint and directed her to her personal physician who could address non work-related back pain and disability, as appropriate.

Case Study: Fitness for Duty

A company requested assistance from RWJBarnabas Health Corporate Care regarding an employee who was showing up to work at unusual times. A fitness for duty evaluation was performed. During her physical examination the employee was found to be wearing an Exelon Patch, prescribed for early onset Alzheimer’s. Her daughter and her physician were involved immediately. The employee was not permitted to drive to the workplace; her employer provided her with rides to the clinic and home. Safety concerns were communicated to her daughter and she was ultimately removed from work.

Case Study: Shoulder Injury

An Operating Room Transporter advised his supervisor of a shoulder injury 15 minutes into his shift on a Monday morning and the employee was sent to Corporate Care. The physician assessed the injury and diagnosed a probable rotator cuff tear. Physician requested the employee demonstrate the manner in which the injury occurred. Employee demonstrates work-related action that would not have caused rotator cuff tear and the physician advised the employee that this injury did not appear to be work-related. The employee was discharged as a medical disability, not a compensable claim.

Case Study: MRSA Infection

A health care worker presented to RWJBarnabas Health Corporate Care with a skin infection. Corporate Care’s physician diagnosed MRSA, advised employer and requested information regarding patients with MRSA at that facility for the prior two-week period. Employer indicated there were no patients in the facility with MRSA in the prior two-week period. The physician determined that the employee had community acquired MRSA and put employee out on non work-related medical disability.

Case Study: Lower Back Injury

An employee completed a pre-employment physical and began employment. Three months later, the employee presented to RWJBarnabas Health Corporate Care with a lower back injury, alleging it was the result of the work environment. The Corporate Care physician assessed the employee and determined that the injury was actually an exacerbation or a pre-existing back injury. The physician reviewed the pre-employment questionnaire and determined that the employee never disclosed a prior back injury. When confronted, the employee acknowledged a prior back injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident. The physician advised the company Human Resources Director and employee was not treated as a compensable claim.

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