Blood Management Institute

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Blood transfusion has been identified by the American Medical Association as one of the top five most frequently overused therapies. The Blood Management Institute at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center (formerly Saint Barnabas Medical Center) offers our patients and physicians numerous strategies and techniques to decrease blood transfusions throughout the hospital.

These include:

Patient blood management (PBM) – an approach to care in which the entire health care team works together to help improve and conserve a patient’s own blood supply during surgery or medical treatment to avoid unnecessary blood transfusions.

Our team also helps those who are not undergoing surgery determine the state of their blood health and, when necessary, develop a treatment plan to address anemia and low blood levels.

Bloodless Medicine and Transfusion-Free Surgery (BMTFS) – which refers to medical and surgical care without the use of blood transfusion. It involves more than simply not administering blood transfusions to patients. The entire medical team works together implementing strategies specifically designed to improve the outcomes of patients when the use of blood products or blood transfusion is not an option. This approach to care involves careful planning and the use of skillful technique to ensure the best outcome for you, the patient. Please be aware that transfusion-free medicine and surgery is synonymous with bloodless medicine and surgery.