Radiation Oncology Treatment Options

Cooperman Barnabas offers both state-of-the-art treatment capabilities and the versatility to provide each patient with an individualized, effective treatment plan. In part, our leadership in the field of radiation oncology may be attributed to our technological resources. Combined with the expertise of our medical and support staff, our services and equipment make us one of the most advanced programs in the country.

Our program includes the following:

Radiation Oncology Educational Library

  • AcQSim simulator: The latest in CT technology is available in the AcQSim that allows image data acquisition and 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional treatment planning by the radiation oncologist.

  • 3D planning system: Computer technology allows physicians to shape the radiation to the precise tumor dimension and limit dosage to normal structures.
  • Fluoroscopic localization: An x-ray machine is used to ensure the localization and verification of the treatment area.
  • Conformal therapy: Conformal therapy provides exact shaping of the radiation to the tumor shape.
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT): In addition to conforming the beam to the tumor shape, IMRT modulates the intensity of the radiation within the field to accommodate more complex cases.
  • Comprehensive brachytherapy program: Brachytherapy involves the use of low dose rate and high dose rate radiation for direct implantation of radioactive sources into the tumor volume, as in gynecological cancers and prostate seed implants.