Free Lung Cancer Screening

Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It is most curable when diagnosed at an early stage. The Cooperman Barnabas Lung Cancer Institute is offering a free low-dose CT screening for individuals who are high-risk for developing lung cancer to identify abnormalities earlier.

Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center has joined the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program to offer this life-saving test. In high risk people, lung cancer deaths drop by 20% when the cancer is identified early using a low-dose spiral CT scan compared with individuals receiving a chest x-ray. The scan only takes a few minutes and can save your life. Program participants are eligible for FREE smoking cessation counseling.

In 2013, we screened 347 individuals who were at risk and identified 11 cancers – 6 lung cancers and 5 incidental findings such as; Thyoma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Biliary Cancer, Thyroid Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer. These are findings that would have gone undetected until later in the disease process.

If you believe you may be at risk, please call 973-322-6644 for more information or to make an appointment for this FREE screening and low-dose CT Scan.

For Immediate Care or to arrange a patient transfer,
call (973) 322-5920

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