Shyan Sun, M.D. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Advisory Council

The Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center (CBMC) Shyan Sun, M.D. Neonatal Intensive Care unit (NICU) Family Advisory Council (FAC) has had close to 100 participants over the last 15 years and is currently made up of approximately 20 active NICU graduate parents. These parents volunteer their time to make the experiences of current and future NICU parents a little easier.

The NICU FAC has worked with NICU staff to achieve their goals, to help other NICU families along their journey and to ensure that we continue to provide excellent family-centered care.

The SBMCU NICU FAC is a subcommittee of CBMC's Patient and Family Advisory Council.


Over the years, the NICU FAC has been involved in a number of successful initiatives, which include:

  • Helping create a NICU Family Library and Resource Center
  • Writing and/or editing many useful informational tools for NICU parents, such as the NICU Parent Handbook and ongoing quarterly NICU Family Newsletter
  • Providing numerous opportunities for individual and group support from one NICU parent to another, such as the Parent Buddy Program
  • Helping administer the CBMC NICU Facebook page

The CBMCU NICU FAC is led by Hayley Hirschmann, Parent Coordinator. For more info about how to get involved, contact Hayley at or (973) 322-9486.