A recently published report states that one in three Americans born will develop diabetes during his or her lifetime. Even more disturbing, the number of individuals diagnosed with diabetes have increased by 61 percent since 1991, and this is projected to double by 2050. Jersey City has a large population of patients with diabetes and Jersey City Medial Center is committed to providing excellence in care to all its population.

With this background, the Endocrinology Section at Jersey City Medical Center offers both inpatient and outpatient evaluation of patients with endocrine and metabolic disorders. The mission of the Section of Endocrine is to provide excellence in medical care in our specialty areas, to contribute to the training of Health Care professionals including resident physicians to ensure the continued improvement in the health in the Jersey City area, and to participate in scientific research.

Our physicians are in high demand and are dedicated to our patients and to the evaluation, management and research of a multitude of Endocrine disorders including: thyroid abnormalities, bone and calcium metabolism, disorders of growth hormone, complications of menopause, hirsutism, polycystic ovary, hypogonadism, sexual dysfunction, infertility, lipid metabolism, endocrine hypertension, adrenal, pituitary and diabetic disorders. The endocrine clinic keeps special emphasis on diabetic care, prevention of diabetes and prevention of complications of diabetes mellitus. An onsite Nutritionist is also available to cater to the needs of Diabetic population. The Services are provided both in inpatient and outpatient setting. The inpatient service follows the patients in the clinic to maintain continuity care.

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