Maternity Care

Preparing for the Big Day

Dr. Lance R. Bruck, Vice President and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health and Residency Program Director and Clinical Professor, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School addresses the care that patients in Hudson County receive at Jersey City Medical Center, a state-of-the-art academic teaching facility.

Welcoming a new child is one of the most important experiences of your life, and choosing the best team is just as meaningful.

At Jersey City Medical Center, our trusted multidisciplinary team of experts will help you prepare for each development from preconception to post delivery. Every expectant mother is provided with complete services, including current education on childbirth and infant care, along with a comfortable and safe delivery. We offer these services and resources to provide a meaningful birthing experience:

  • Midwifery
  • Donor milk banking
  • Pain management/anesthesia options
  • Postpartum care
  • Postpartum diabetes counseling
  • Visitation for siblings
  • Newborn Photography

Our mother-baby unit features state-of-the-art technology and a soothing setting to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. We are one of the only hospitals in the nation with breaking new technology that takes an extra step in childbirth.

The safety of you and your baby is our priority, and we provide comprehensive care before, during, and after the birth of your child. Our supportive team manages every form of delivery – from natural to high-risk with skilled medical advancements – always with an attentive approach to your specific birthing plan.

Dr. Emily (Slutsky) Marantz, Director of Women’s Health, Medical Genetics, answers why women should choose Jersey City Medical Center as their partner in their pregnancy and birthing journey. Dr. (Slutsky) Marantz shares her insight as both a physician and clinical leader at the Medical Center and as an expecting mom.

Your Birthing Journey at Jersey City Medical Center

Registration and Admission

Prior to your delivery or during your visit, the Patient Financial Services Department is available to answer questions regarding your health insurance coverage. If you require financial assistance, speak to our Compassionate Care team between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Patient Financial Services – 201-915-2532

Compassionate Care – 201-915-2702 / 201-915-2141

Upon arrival, please proceed to our Registration/Admitting Department, located at 1 West. All patients must bring a valid photo ID for both parents, your insurance card and a list of current medications (as and any other necessary paperwork from the obstetrician’s office).


Please make arrangements ahead of time for childcare for siblings when coming to the hospital for labor and delivery. Parking is available in our visitors’ lot.

Your Obstetrician will send a copy of the necessary documents to the hospital, including Hepatitis B, Group B Strep and HIV status documents. Please bring to the hospital:

  • A valid picture ID for both parents
  • Your insurance card
  • A list of current medications (as and any other necessary paperwork from the obstetrician’s office.)

Labor and Delivery

woman with newborn babyWhen delivering a baby, you want comfort, safety, and personalized care. At our Labor & Delivery, patients are greeted by a staff member, registered, and then escorted to the appropriate area. We are equipped with triage rooms, labor and delivery rooms, and recovery room bays with the most up-to-date technology and equipment to meet each patient’s birthing needs.

Once admitted, a patient is provided a private labor room where they will labor, deliver, and remain for the initial recovery phase. Board-certified Ob-Gyn physicians, anesthesiologist, and neonatologist are available in the hospital 24/7 for all deliveries. Here is what else you can expect:

  • One support person of the mother’s choice is permitted during her stay in Labor and Delivery.
  • External fetal monitors will be placed on the patient to assess the baby’s well-being, and identify and monitor contraction patterns.
  • Maternal vital signs are assessed. Maternal and fetal monitoring will continue throughout the course of labor, delivery, and recovery phases.
  • Activity and diet are determined on a case-by-case basis by the obstetrics team.
  • Skin to skin contact is encouraged for stable Mother-Baby couplet in the delivery room.
  • We provide education and assistance with breastfeeding initiation in the delivery room.
  • Delivery rooms are equipped with TV and Wi-Fi service.

Once recovered, the couplet are transferred to a private Mother-Baby unit at the Lord Abbett Maternity Wing.

Lord Abbett Maternity Wing

Private room for parents in the JCMC Lord Abbett Maternity Wing

The Lord Abbett Maternity Wing at Jersey City Medical Center opened in January 2020, through the partnership and support of Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC (Lord Abbett), an independent, privately held investment management firm based in Jersey City.

The 17,500 square-foot, innovative floor features private mother-baby rooms, designed to promote family bonding and provide the best outcomes for newborns, mothers, and families. Room features, floor amenities, and modern equipment on the new wing are all focused on providing a family-centric birthing experience that matches the world-class labor and delivery services available at Jersey City Medical Center. All private patient rooms are equipped with:

  • Showers and hotel-like furnishings
  • Get Well Network digital TV provides patient education and entertainment
  • Visitor couch turns into sleeping space
  • Halo Bassinets, with innovative design that provides easier access and support for breastfeeding while also providing a safe sleep space

We have fully renovated and modernized an additional post-partum wing with family-centric private rooms to meet the needs of our growing community.

Neonatal Intensive Care

nicu babyAt Jersey City Medical Center, we are prepared and equipped to manage every form of delivery, from natural to high-risk. Our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a state-designated perinatal center, helping infants with severe prematurity, respiratory distress, and feeding issues for the first 28 days of life.

As a Level III Regional Perinatal Center, our facility offers first-rate treatment and care for hundreds of newborns each year. Every child receives watchful 24/7 care with state-of-the art bedside and central monitoring. Each baby is equipped with NicView,™ a pioneer monitoring technology that offers webcam viewing of the newborn to family members .

Learn more about our NICU and the NICU team.


Most vaginal deliveries have a two-night stay and cesarean births have a three-night stay at the hospital. Your obstetrician can extend your stay if medically warranted. Please contact your nurse if you have any questions or need further accommodations.

Car Seats for Your Baby

Remember that New Jersey law requires all children under eight years or age or 80 pounds to use a child safety seat. You will need to have a car seat to transport your child home. It is recommended to do a trial run with a doll or a teddy bear to make sure you know how to adjust the straps and secure the car seat. Babies should always face toward the rear of the car and MUST be placed in the back seat. Please remember that there are many car seats on the market and the hospital staff is not permitted to assist with the installation. We offer a free car seat inspection with no appointments needed. Car Seat Inspection Station (PDF)

Maternal-Child Health Education

We offer the following classes to support new or expecting parents. Registration is required as seats are limited. Click on each link for more information, including schedule, fees, and to register.

Awards and Recognition

  • Our commitment to safety is unparalleled, with our NICU being CLABSI-free (central line-associated blood infection) for over 8 years.
  • Jersey City Medical Center has achieved the Magnet Recognition designation for four consecutive times, for meeting rigorous standards for nursing excellence.
  • JCMC is Hudson County’s exclusive donor milk-bank site.
  • JCMC has one of the state’s only NicView™ system – an innovative webcam system which offers secure viewing of NICU to families worldwide.
  • We are a recipient of the Breastfeeding-Friendly Worksite Recognition from the New Jersey Breastfeeding Coalition.
  • JCMC successfully delivered the first set of quintuplets in Hudson County, with a multi-disciplinary team of more than 50 specialists.

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