About Joint Replacement

Joint pain can change how you see the world and dramatically impact your life. If your hip or knee pain is reducing the quality of your life, it may be time to consider a joint replacement. At The Orthopedic Institute, our goal is to get you back to being you again. Our unique approach to joint replacement is designed to get you back to your old self faster and with less pain than ever before.

Preparing for Surgery

Once you have made the decision to have surgery, we believe the key to a better outcome is education. Knowing what to expect each step of the way helps in reducing stress and anxiety and preparing you for as smooth a recovery as possible.

Every patient in The Orthopedic Institute attends an intensive pre-surgical education program. You will receive a detailed patient guide. In the class, you will learn about joint mechanics and how they relate to your procedure. This book will explain what to do prior to surgery, what to expect during your hospital stay and how to care for yourself when you return home.

What to Expect During Orthopedic Surgery

During your stay, you will:

  • Be treated by a specially-trained health care team

  • Attend group physical therapy sessions twice a day with fellow patients

  • Receive daily newsletters to keep you updated on activities and schedules

  • Benefit from a friend or family member who is trained as your recovery “coach”

  • Wear your own clothing rather than a hospital gown

What to Expect After Orthopedic Surgery

Most participants will be leaving the hospital to go home on the third day after surgery. By that time, you will be armed with information and your family member or caregiver will be trained as your coach.

You are ready to embark on your journey through rehabilitation and back to a better quality of life knowing that you have The Orthopedic Institute to support you.

Your physician and The Orthopedic Institute staff are only a phone call away.

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