Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support Service (BLS)

Jersey City Medical Center EMS provides 9-1-1 Basic Life Support Services to the city of Jersey City 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We staff up to 14 BLS units during our peak normal operating periods. All of our units are licensed by the State of New Jersey for both emergent and non-emergent patient transportation.


Our units are staffed with a minimum of two certified Emergency Medical Technicians. Our EMTs are trained in CPR, defibrillation, oxygen administration, basic airway management, immobilization, splinting, burn and wound care, child birth, managing mental health patients and nerve agent antidote administration.

Our BLS staff have been trained to respond to major incidents within our jurisdiction, including the Holland Tunnel complex, the Eastern Spur of the New Jersey Turnpike, the Newport Highrises and Newport Mall, the Jersey City Financial District, The PATH Subway system, Ellis Island and Liberty State Park, the NY Waterway Ferry Terminals, Secaucus Transfer Rail Station, and the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail. Training includes the Incident Command and Incident Management Systems, local, state, and federal response plans, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Hazardous Materials Response, Mass Casualty Triage and Treatment, as well as other courses offered through our Special Operations Division.

Our BLS units are pre-deployed utilizing the latest technology in System Status Management, allowing us to minimize response times and maximize efficiency.