Shokry Guirguis Memorial Fleet Center


The Shokry Guirguis Memorial Fleet Center provides vehicle maintenance for all vehicles operated within the Jersey City Medical Center system. Our dedicated team of mechanics work 6 days a week to ensure that our vehicles are safe to respond to your calls for help. All of our mechanics are Automotive Service Excellence certified and are specially trained to work on emergency vehicles. Their facility is located within our EMS Headquarters in Jersey City. The fleet consists of both emergency and non-emergency vehicles.

Our EMS fleet includes ambulances, rapid response and command SUVs, Special Operations Trucks and Trailers as well as several administrative vehicles. All of our ambulances are type III box ambulances built according to federal KKK-1822E standards. Our newest ambulances were developed in conjunction with nationally renowned safety consultants resulting in significant changes in our fleet design. These ambulances have a newly redesigned paint scheme utilizing high visibility reflective striping with contrasting colors. The rear of our ambulances now utilize the internationally recognized chevron striping scheme. From an interior standpoint, our newest ambulances have patient compartment airbags, a feature seldom found in ambulances.

In addition to the EMS fleet, our mechanics service non-emergency vehicles including busses, security vans, and mobile crisis vehicles.