Senior-Care Services

Our vision for senior-care is to improve health and wellness of older adults through patient-centered and family focused care and communication, striving to maintain their independence while treating them with compassion and dignity.

Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE)

Jersey City Medical Center is proud to be a “Senior-Friendly” hospital recognized by the NICHE program. At Jersey City Medical Center, our interdisciplinary team understands the unique health care challenges faced by older adults and offer services to help them maintain their independence to live longer, healthier lives. Our Geriatric Resource Nurses (GRNs) and Geriatric Patient Care Associates (GPCAs) are present throughout JCMC and are trained to deliver age-sensitive care to older adults and their families.

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Patient-Centered and Family-Focused Care

At Jersey City Medical Center, we recognize the difficulties hospitalization presents for older adults and their families. Our Geriatric Care Team can offer a number of useful tools and caregiver resources to help families facilitate communication. If your loved one is a patient and needs additional support, request for a Geriatric Resource Nurse.

Helpful tips for communicating with the health care team:

Ask questions

  1. Remember that you are the most important part of the health care team
  2. Choose a representative to be the primary point person for the health care team
  3. All questions are good questions, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification
  4. Write down questions that you may forget in the moment
  5. End each meeting with a summary of what was discussed and plan for what is to come

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NICHE Senior Friendly 2022-2023

Geriatrics — Frequently Asked Questions For Patients and Families

What is Geriatrics?

Geriatrics is the branch of health care that focuses on our unique needs as we age. Just as pediatricians specialize in the health needs of children, geriatricians specialize in the health needs of older people. Geriatricians also often work with a whole team of fellow geriatrics health professionals, including nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, social workers, and many others.

Who provides Geriatrics Care?

Geriatrics is known for its team approach to caring for older people and supporting their families and other caregivers. At Jersey City Medical Center we have an interdisciplinary Geriatrics Team of Geriatricians, Geriatric Nurse Practitioners, Geriatric Resource Nurses, and Geriatric Patient Care Associates.

Meet the Geriatrics Team


Dr. Aaiza Aamer Dr. Aaiza Aamer is board-certified in internal medicine with a specialty in Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Aamer can see patients at Jersey City Medical Center who are in need of a Geriatric Medicine Consult. Dr. Aamer can see also patients at 519 Broadway at 24th Street, Bayonne. To make an appointment, please call 551-214-3500. Her special interests are healthy aging, aging in place, falls, end of life care and medical education.

Geriatric Nurse Practitioner / Geriatric Nurse Coordinator

Janielle Viuya is a board-certified nurse practitioner in Adult Gerontology – Acute Care. She is also a trained Geriatric Resource Nurse (GRN) who partners with the interdisciplinary team to establish evidence-based standards of care for older adults in Jersey City Medical Center. She is a mentor to other GRNs within the organization. She provides nursing care recommendations for patients who are in need of a Geriatric Medicine Consult. She can be reached at 201-915-2147 or e-mail at

Janielle Viuya can also see patients at the following locations:

RWJBarnabas Health at Bayonne
519 Broadway at 24th Street, Bayonne

To schedule an appointment: 551-514-3500

Pavonia Primary Care
600 Pavonia Avenue, 2nd Floor, Jersey City

To schedule an appointment: 201-885-3700

Geriatric Resource Nurses

GRNs are Registered Nurses who trained to care for the unique needs of older adult patients. GRNs are present throughout JCMC and are identified by a purple “GRN” identification badge.

Geriatric Patient Care Associates

GPCAs are Patient Care Technicians who trained to care for the unique needs of older adult patients. GPCAs are present throughout JCMC and are identified by a purple “GPCA” identification badge.


Contact: Janielle Viuya, DNP, APN, AGACNP-BC, GERO-BC, GRN
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
Jersey City Medical Center
355 Grand Street | Jersey City | NJ 07302
RWJBarnabas Health
Desk: 201-915-2147

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