Frequently Asked Questions About Having a Baby at Jersey City Medical Center

Where do I go when I come to the hospital?

Please park in the hospital’s parking lot (entrance via Grand St. or Jersey Ave.) and enter the main lobby. You will be given a mask to wear while in the hospital. At the hospitality desk, let the Patient Service Associate know that you are in labor and are going to Labor and Delivery. You will need to show your photo ID and you and your support person will be given a visitor pass. You will be directed to proceed to Labor and Delivery, which can be accessed by taking the patient elevators to the fourth floor. Wheelchairs are available if needed. When you reach the Labor and Delivery Department, you will need to use the intercom system outside the entrance doors to call the nurses’ station. Please identify yourself and let the nurse know that you are in labor.

What should I bring when I come to the hospital?

Please bring your photo ID and insurance information to the hospital. Pack an overnight bag with your change of clothes, toiletries and clothes for the baby to wear home. Please bring a car seat for the baby at discharge.

Will I be tested for COVID-19?

Mothers will only be tested for COVID-19 if they are symptomatic.

Is masking required?

Masks are optional except when indicated on specific units or in identified areas. We will offer you a new mask for source control or may ask you to replace your own mask with a hospital-supplied mask.

If I test positive for COVID-19, can my baby stay with me?

Your baby will stay in the room with you as long as you remain in the Lord Abbett Maternity Wing. If your symptoms worsen and you are transferred to another unit for care, your baby will remain in the Maternity wing.

Will I be able to eat or drink after I go into labor?

Patients are allowed to eat during labor, provided that there are no concerns to perform a cesarean section (c-section). Please check with your provider prior to delivery.

Will I be able to have visitors in the hospital?

Yes, two visitors are allowed. Each post-partum room comes equipped with a pull-out couch and rocking chair for guests. Please check the website for up-to-date COVID-19 Visitor Policies prior to your delivery.

How long will I stay in the hospital after having my baby?

We will try to minimize your time in the hospital setting. Your doctor will determine whether there is an opportunity for an early discharge from the hospital. Typical hospital stay for mother and baby is 2 to 3 days.

What tests are performed on newborns after delivery?

Newborns will have laboratory testing via heel stick, including a metabolic screening test and bilirubin test after 24 hours of life. Newborn hearing screenings are also performed prior to discharge.

What materials does the hospital provide during the stay?

The hospital will provide all necessary materials for mother and baby while admitted including diapers, wipes, t-shirts, blankets, and formula on request. Mothers receive a welcome tote bag with self-care products and toiletries.

Do you have breastfeeding support?

A lactation consultant is available to assist you in meeting your breastfeeding goals. We also offer a breastfeeding class and an online breastfeeding support group for ongoing support after you go home.

Will formula be provided for the baby if I do not want to breastfeed?

Yes, formula is provided through the length of your hospital stay. No formula will be sent home at the time of discharge.

Are breast pumps supplied during the stay? Are they available for rental after discharge?

Parents can apply for breast pumps a few weeks prior to delivery via your health insurance. The hospital will provide a breast pump during your stay. Medela Hospital Grade Pumps are available for rent at home for $65 per month, if the hospital-grade pump is preferred. Arrangements can be made with JCMC Lactation Coordinators.

Can I pre-register so my information is in the system I arrive to deliver?

Yes, you may opt to pre-register your information here. Please pre-register your information a few days before your expected delivery. Please note when it asks for date of service, you may enter your “due date” but if that date has passed by the time you go into labor, the registration will void. We advise to enter a date of service a few days past your anticipated delivery date. For example, if you are due on June 1, enter a date of service of June 5.

What clinical staff are available during delivery?

A board-certified OBGYN physician, anesthesiologist and neonatologists are available in the hospital 24/7. The hospital also employs OBGYN physician residents and faculty midwives that are involved in the care of patients assigned to our faculty practice.

What happens if the baby is transferred to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)?

A board-certified neonatologist is on site in the hospital 24/7. Two parents/support persons are permitted for visitation 24/7.

If your newborn is transferred to our Neontal Intensive Care Unit, you will be allowed to visit your baby anytime. Only mothers and designated support person wearing your matching band can visit newborn. You can also view your baby via our NicView™ camera service, a pioneer monitoring technology that offers webcam viewing of the newborn to family members around the clock.

Where do I pick up my baby’s birth certificate?

Birth certificates are available for pick up at the City of Jersey City registrar. Instructions on how to file for a birth certificate will be provided to you once you deliver your baby.

Am I allowed to bring a doula?


Is there a nursery where the baby can be kept while mom sleeps/recovers after delivery?

While we do not have a formal nursery, we are able to facilitate rest for moms with use of our treatment room. Newborns will be cared for by our nursing staff while mom rests.

Will I receive any surveys to voice my opinion?

Our goal is for you to have a safe and positive birth experience. You will receive a survey by mail a few weeks after going home. We would appreciate hearing from you on how we provided you with excellent service or how we can improve patient experience.

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Olga Tikhonov, RNC-NIC, BSN, IBCLC, MPH
Lactation Services Coordinator

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