EMS Careers

The Jersey City Medical Center EMS Department provides a unique career experience. Watch this video to see a day in the life of Jersey City Medical Center EMT's and Paramedics.

Recruitment Video


We are recruiting excellent EMTs, EMT-Dispatchers, and Paramedics every day and look forward to having you join our team. This page will explain our hiring process and guide you so that you can successfully complete it in the minimum time possible. We require applicants to have the following experience and credentials:

EMTs must have:

  • Current certification as a NJ, NY, PA or NR EMT

  • EMTs must have at least one year of verifiable EMS experience including driving an emergency vehicle.

  • Current American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR certification.

  • CEVO training within 3 years.

  • A “clean” driving record.

  • HazMat Awareness & Operations or equivalent training within the past year. (This is available on line if needed)

  • WMD or CBRNE Awareness & Operations*.

  • Incident Command System – 100 and 200 level training*.

  • NIMS – 700 and 800 training*.

  • A letter of reference, preferably from a previous EMS employer or volunteer agency.

EMT/Dispatchers must also have:

  • Certification as an APCO Basic Telecommunicator OR NAED Emergency Telecommunicator

  • NAED Certification as an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher

Paramedics must also have:

  • Certification as a New Jersey MICP or NREMTP.

  • Current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification.

  • Current Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) or PEPP-ALS certification.

  • Current Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support or International Trauma Life Support certification*.

* may be obtained within 6-months of employment.

Per-diem must:

  • Provide at least four (4) shifts of availability per month

  • Work one summer holiday, (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day)

  • Work one winter holiday, (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s)