Diabetes Education Center

Center for Diabetes Brochure (pdf)

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According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), there are more than 18 million people who have diabetes, a chronic disease in which a person's pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables people to turn food into energy.

The Center for Diabetes Education at Monmouth Medical Center has been awarded the prestigious ADA Education Recognition certificate for a quality diabetes self-management education program. The Diabetes Education Program at Monmouth is certified by the ADA — the largest and most widely known organization in the field of diabetes — as offering quality diabetes self-management education that is an essential component of effective diabetes treatment. Assuring high-quality education for patient self-care and promoting increased knowledge and awareness of diabetes are central components of ADA-approved programs because these enable patients to take more responsibility for the management of their disease. Programs applying for ADA Recognition voluntarily submit to a rigorous review process by experts on diabetes who evaluate each program on its ability to provide patients with a comprehensive individualized education program. Programs that achieve recognition status have a staff of knowledgeable health professionals who can provide participants with comprehensive information about diabetes management.

Monmouth Medical Center's Diabetes Self Management Series is designed to help individuals manage their diabetes by providing education and continued support in an informal atmosphere conducive to learning. The program — which is taught by registered nurses and dietitians — is designed for those with diabetes who need assistance with meters, nutritional advice with meal planning, and to fully understand the rationale and physiology of the disease. Participants will learn to manage their diabetes and prevent other complications that may occur if diabetes is uncontrolled. Significant others may attend to learn how to help with the management of diabetes.