Maternity Services – The Eisenberg Family Center

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Preparing For The Miracle Of Birthundefined

The birth of a child is one of life's most wonderful and truly remarkable experiences. For expectant parents, it's one that also requires much preparation and making many important decisions, including choosing a hospital for the birth of your baby.

Monmouth Medical Center: The Top Choice Of Parents

Choosing a hospital for the birth of your baby is an important decision. At Monmouth Medical Center, we deliver the most babies of any hospital in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Our superbly qualified nursing staff strives to make each birth a personalized experience for you and your family and to prepare you for returning home.

In this website, you'll learn about prenatal, obstetric, and newborn care at Monmouth Medical Center and what you can expect when that long-awaited day finally arrives and you walk through our doors.

The Family Is Our Focus

At The Eisenberg Family Center at Monmouth, the nursing staff is responsible for the care of the family, which is at the center of everything we do.

Our skilled and dedicated nurses are trained to assist mothers and their childbirth partners during labor and delivery, and instruct new parents and other family members in newborn care.

The Focus of The Family Center always will remain on the mother, baby and family together

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