Geriatrics Emergency Medicine (GEM) Unit

Geriatrics Emergency Medicine (GEM) Unit at MMCSCAs part of the James and Sharon Maida Geriatrics Institute and our commitment to our aging population, we have implemented a GEM Unit which creates an atmosphere that meets the unique health care needs of our aging patients in a variety of ways. The result is efficient, safe, specialized medical care of older adults.

Services include:

  • An interdisciplinary team of caregivers specially trained in Geriatrics Medicine who will be in close communication with referring physicians.
  • A comprehensive pharmacy consultation including medication review is completed by a clinical pharmacist during daytime hours and also available upon patient request.
  • A geriatrics-sensitive environment equipped with lowered beds, fall alarms, non-skid floors and special lighting to promote a safe and calming experience.
  • Consults with a board certified geriatrician.

What Differentiates a GEM from a Regular ED?


The GEM Unit at MMCSC features eight treatment rooms geared toward meeting the needs of our aging population and their caregivers. In addition to the multidisciplinary team with specialized training in geriatrics medicine, the GEM Unit is specifically designed to create a calming atmosphere with controlled lighting and reduced noise levels. Anti-slip flooring, lowered beds, larger TV screens, signs with larger font, an age specific call-bell system and frequent interaction with the geriatrics care team are among the many features of our unit. Our facility improvements are centered not only on comfort but on patient safety and well-being.

We Don’t Stop Caring About You…

Our specialized care geared toward the aging population does not stop when you are discharged from the GEM Unit. Our care extends beyond our facility into the comfort of your home. Expect a call from your care team within 72-hours of leaving the GEM Unit to ensure that you’re transitioning well to your new treatment plans and prescriptions. If you should be admitted into inpatient services, your multidisciplinary care team will continue to care for you to ensure that you are taking all necessary steps to transition home as quickly as possible. The overall goal of your care team is to provide a safe discharge.

The GEM Unit is one of many initiatives taken by MMCSC to meet the diverse needs of aging patients. For more information, call 732-886-4525.