Pathology & Laboratory Services

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A core staff of highly trained pathologists and more than 100 technologists and technicians work in Monmouth's fully computerized clinical laboratory. Its large central computer processing unit is connected to the 80 terminals in the lab, as well as with terminals at nursing stations and outpatient areas throughout the hospital, ensuring that patient test results are the most up-to-date and immediately available.

Monmouth's leadership in laboratory analysis puts it in the forefront of the diagnosis of disease.

Laboratory Services

The laboratory provides thousands of different diagnostic tests from a standard blood count or urinalysisto the new generation of more complex tests.

Monmouth is the only hospital in the area that offers a cytogenetics laboratory for chromosome analysis, a molecular diagnostics and gene rearrangement laboratory, and a full-range toxicology and therapeutic drug analysis.

Equipped with the most advanced instrument, Monmouth is the regional leader in flow cytometry and electron microscopy capabilities.


Founded in 1951 by the Department of Pathology, Monmouth's School of Medical Technology holds certification from the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. The faculty includes 45 technical personnel and 21 physicians, including Louis Zinterhofer, M.D., the director of Pathology at Monmouth and the school's medical director.