Monmouth Sleep Center Services

We work with each patient to identify his or her individual sleep disorder so that appropriate treatment can be offered. Our services include:

Our Consultation

If requested by your physician, you will meet with one of our Sleep Medicine specialists to complete a comprehensive sleep history and physical examination.

Appropriate testing, such as an overnight sleep study, may also be ordered. Patient self-referrals also are accepted.

Sleep Studies (Polysomnograms)

This involves spending a night in our sleep lab. As part of the procedure, monitors are placed to record brain waves, muscle activity, respiration and heart rhythms while you sleep. The monitoring and testing procedures are pain free and will not restrict you from moving around.

Pediatric Sleep Studies

The Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Center at Monmouth is one of only a handful of centers experienced in performing pediatric sleep studies. A parent or guardian will be required to stay with the patient during testing procedures.

CPAP Titration

During an overnight sleep study, you may be asked to attempt a trial with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), a device used in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. This consists of a small mask that is placed over the nose and is connected to a pressure device that acts as an air pressure splint to prevent your airways from collapsing during sleep. If the device is found to be effective, it may be prescribed as part of your treatment.

CPAP Initiation/Management

A technician will work with each patient to ensure success of CPAP therapy by acclimating them to use of the mask, and easing any anxiety.


A daytime procedure lasting from two to five hours that includes a nap and hands-on coaching from the staff to increase compliance with CPAP therapy.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test

This test usually follows an overnight sleep study. It involves a series of nap tests performed during the day to assess the degree of daytime sleepiness and is useful for diagnosing narcolepsy.

Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing

Daytime testing performed to evaluate daytime alertness. This testing may be required for certain occupations and for commercial drivers license requirements.

Polysomnography with Full EEG Monitoring

Monmouth's Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Center offers the availability of full EEG monitoring to evaluate for sleep-related seizures.


A structured program to treat short-term and chronic insomnia is also offered.

Home Sleep Study

Patients who are unable to come to the center and meet certain criteria may be eligible for home sleep testing. An office visit with a sleep specialist is required prior to a home sleep study.

Patient Stories

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Patient Stories

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