Imaging Technology FAQs

What is the major difference between CT and MRI technology?

While CT systems produce computer-generated images from a series of X-rays, MRI is a non-Xray procedure that creates computer-generated images of a structure based on its physical properties when it is exposed to a powerful magnetic force.

What are the specific benefits of each system?

The LightSpeed CT is the fastest and most-accurate CT scanner on the market. Images can be acquired and reconstructed in a multitude of planes almost instantly. With its unique 3-D capability without using radiation, the MRI system is a superb imaging unit for various body areas.

How do you know which procedure is best for certain conditions?

Our radiologists are trained in understanding the benefits of these systems and are available to talk with physicians in discussing their patients’ conditions and specific diagnostic needs.

Are there times when both procedures may be necessary?

At times, both procedures may be necessary to investigate ambiguous or confusing findings.

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