Complex Hernia Repair

Who We Are at Monmouth


The Institute for the Treatment of Complex Hernias brings together a group of reconstructive and laparoscopic surgeons adept at using the newest techniques and materials in hernia repair. Our surgeons are experienced in treating recurrent hernias using minimally invasive methods. Our multidisciplinary treatment approach benefits our patients, and is something that distinguishes our institute. We tailor our approach to each patient’s condition to ensure the best outcomes.

Abdominal wall hernia repair has made major advances in recent years, leading to smoother recovery, minimizing recurrence, eliminating post-repair incision-point tension, and making treatment possible for hernias previously considered impossible to repair.

Surgeons at The Institute for the Treatment of Complex Hernias have introduced to the tri-state area new innovative techniques for hernia repair that are offering hope to patients with complex hernias that have failed previous surgical repairs.