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New Onset Seizure Center

Introduction to the Program

The Epilepsy Program at Monmouth Neuroscience Institute now offers a specialized center for patients who have experienced a recent seizure or seizure-like episode.

The New-Onset Seizure Center gives patients rapid access to epilepsy specialists and the most accurate diagnostic techniques available.

As a result, patients receive advanced epilepsy care within a week of their diagnosis.

The center is designed to provide prompt access to epilepsy specialists who are trained to immediately interpret diagnostic studies, make medication decisions, and (if necessary) arrange for timely referral to an epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) which can lead to more comprehensive evaluations, including evaluations for epilepsy surgery.

Delays in accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of epilepsy can result in memory deficits, and loss of the ability to work and drive.

Patients who see an epilepsy specialist early in their treatment are more likely to be prescribed medication suited to their current and future needs.

Our certified epilepsy center provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic expertise in all aspects of:

You can download a referral form (pdf) on-line or call 732-923-5576 to schedule an appointment.