Shoulder Replacement

Anatomy of the Shoulder

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the human body, allowing us to raise, bend, rotate, and twist the arm. Healthy shoulders have a socket within the shoulder blade that is covered with smooth cartilage that permits a full range of motion to occur without pain.

Our orthopedic specialists in sports medicine treat patients who have severe shoulder pain from rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, and all forms of arthritis and degenerative disease. When chronic shoulder pain limits your ability to move your arm, Monmouth surgeons can recommend appropriate shoulder replacement surgeries that can restore movement and eliminate shoulder pain. Our patients typically experience great relief from pain and are able to return to sports including golf, swimming, tennis, bowling and daily activities after rehabilitation from shoulder replacement surgery.

Causes of shoulder pain often include:

  • Osteoarthritis of the shoulder
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Severe fracture of the arm near the shoulder
  • Trauma to the shoulder
  • Severely damaged or torn tissues in the shoulder
  • Tumor in or near the shoulder

Monmouth Medical Center’s sports medicine orthopedic surgeons perform a high volume of shoulder replacements each year, making them among the most experienced shoulder replacement specialists in New Jersey. Athletes and patients who have chronic shoulder pain or who have experienced shoulder injuries trust Monmouth’s experienced team for advanced surgical options:

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Restoring Function and Eliminating Shoulder Pain

Total shoulder replacement or shoulder arthroplasty involves replacing the damaged joint surface with a plastic socket, and a metal ball and stem to replace the upper arm bone.

The total shoulder replacement procedure most often is performed on patients who suffer from severe shoulder pain due to osteoarthritis and significant deterioration of the shoulder joint. For other patients who have acute injuries or other forms of shoulder disease, Monmouth’s orthopaedic surgeons may decide to replace only part of the shoulder that is damaged.

Partial Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty

Monmouth orthopedic specialists in sports medicine perform a high number of partial shoulder replacements or hemiarthroplasties of the shoulder to restore function to patients, and to relieve shoulder pain.

A partial shoulder replacement involves replacing the broken or severely damaged humeral head with an artificial joint and reconstructing the fractured bone around the artificial joint to ensure stability. Patients with acute fractures or those who have chronic shoulder disease are candidates for this procedure.

Rehabilitation and Recovery After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Immediately after shoulder replacement, the pain of arthritis will be gone. Patients’ discomfort is limited to the normal and expected pain due to the surgical procedure, which is effectively treated through pain medications.

At Monmouth Medical Center, therapy and rehabilitation begins immediately on our state-of-the-art post-surgical unit and, in time, movement and recovery with rehabilitation and medication is greatly improved. Patients notice increased mobility in their shoulder when rehabilitation starts, and often report that the grinding or grating caused by shoulder osteoarthritis has been eliminated.

Each patient’s recovery and rehabilitation after shoulder replacement depends on the condition and strength of the tendons and muscles of the shoulder. After discharge, patients will receive outpatient rehabilitation and often return to light duty work activities within two to three weeks. By six months, most patients have returned to normal activities including sports.

For a consultation with a Monmouth orthopedic surgeon, or for more information on shoulder replacement, please call (732) 923-7666.

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