Bony Anchored Reinforcement (BARs) Procedure

BARs, or Bony Anchored Reinforcement, is a surgical procedure developed by the surgeons at Monmouth Medical Center's The Institute for the Treatment of Complex Hernias. This innovative technique is offering hope to patient with complex hernias that have failed previous surgical repairs.


The BARs procedure is different in two basic ways. First, an immobile mesh is fixed to the pelvic bone, providing a stable foundation for the repair. Second, the it is the first procedure that changes the geometry of the abdominal wall.

BARs is a revolutionary repair that aims not just to correct the hernia, but to also change the geometry of the abdomen to greatly decrease the chance of recurrence. Normally, the weight of the abdominal contents are directed downward into the pelvis, and when there is a large hernia, the weight of the contents is often left lying against the repair, which stretches and loosens over time. The BARs procedure directs the weight back into the pelvis, thereby taking the weight off of the repair. It redirects the intra-abdominal contents anatomically, down into the pelvis, producing a funnel effect and taking pressure off of the anus. The BARs repair relies upon bony anchoring using Marlex mesh that will not stretch and helps bolster the laparoscopic repair.