Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System

Wide-Open High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System

This state-of-the-art MRI system is the most advanced alternative to open MRIs, which have grown in popularity in recent years because of patient comfort, but in terms of clinical performance, compromise image quality. Monmouth now is equipped with GE Medical System’s Signa MR/i, which features a wide-open enclosure that is designed to reduce patient anxiety, as well as provide all the benefits of high-field magnetic strength to produce the highest quality images in dramatically less time.

These images are taken without X-rays and in rapid, sequential order — from head to toe — with a scanning time that is up to 50 percent faster than traditional systems. They then are reconstructed to create a more detailed view of the body — greatly improving its ability to pinpoint certain diseases and conditions, including stroke, brain and spinal tumors, bone and joint trauma, and gynecological tumors and diseases.

Enhancing MR Capabilities with Signa HDxT High Definition MR Upgrade

High Definition MRI Scan comparison


The Signa HDxT High Definition MR Upgrade transforms Monmouth Medical Center's Magnetic Resonance imaging capabilities. The Signa HDxT MRI scanner uses unique High Definition (HD) technology, continuing a trend of significant advances in MR imaging. HD technology enables the on-board computing system to reconstruct images very rapidly, resulting in near real-time image generation. The Signa HDxT is designed for advanced imaging for studies ranging from routine to extremely challenging. The system produces consistant image quality across all applications.

Advanced Capabilities

The Signa HDxT system has advanced imaging and processing capabilities that help doctors perform MRI exams that traditionally have been very difficult. These unique capabilities include:

  • PROPELLER, for enhanced brain imaging on all patients including those who cannot hold still.
  • PROPELLER DWI, for enhanced stroke imaging.
  • TRICKS-XV, for MR angiography with high spatial detail and dynamic flow.
  • VIBRANT-XV, for uncompromised bilateral breast imaging in one visit with high spatial and kinetic detail.
  • LAVA-XV, for high-resolution multi-phase imaging of the liver and abdomen.

Benefits to patients

By significantly improving the quality and speed of an MRI study, the Signa HDxT scanner delivers more detailed information about the patient's condition while making the experience patient-friendly. Benefite include:

  • New technologies that help doctors provide fast, accurate diagnosas.
  • Shorter exams that may not require a breath-hold.

Benefits to Clinicians

The Signa HDxT system helps referring physicians by providing high-resolution images that improve diagnostic accuracy.

Clearer, faster scans that reduce the effects of motion and meets imaging challenges presented by:

  • Elderly patients with tremor disease
  • Young patients that fail sedation
  • Diabetic patients with peripheral vascular disease
  • Female patients with multi-focal disease
  • Patients with liver disease
  • Cardiac inpatients who can't hold their breath

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