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Prostate Cancer Treatment

MMC Prostate Cancer

There are different ways to treat prostate cancer. You will probably want to talk to different types of doctors before making a final decision. Since there haven't been enough large clinical trials that compare the different treatments, there are different views on how best to treat a particular kind of prostate cancer. Before making a decision, you should talk to a urologist and radiation oncologist who are expert in the treatment of prostate cancer. They will tell you about the benefits and risks of surgery, hormonal therapy and radiation therapy for your particular situation. If your prostate cancer has already spread at the time of diagnosis, you should also talk to a medical oncologist about chemotherapy. It is important that you discuss your options with the right doctors. Together you can make the decision that is best for you.

Monmouth Medical Center's Institute for Advanced Radiation Oncology offers two forms of brachytherapy for prostate cancer.

Treatment Techniques

The effectiveness of both techniques — high-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy for the treatment of intermediate and high risk prostate cancer and low-dose rate (LDR/permanent seed) brachytherapy for the treatment of favorable risk prostate cancer or in combination with external beam radiotherapy for more advanced disease — is reflected in a growing record of successful results with minimal side effects.

For surgical candidates, da Vinci Prostatectomy is the fastest growing treatment for prostate cancer in the United States. Monmouth's Institute for Robotic Surgery offers the da Vinci Surgical System — the most advanced of the robotic platforms. The system combines computer and robotic technologies with the skills of the surgeon to create a new category of surgical treatment, making it possible to perform more technically demanding surgeries such as a prostatectomy using a minimally invasive approach.

Additionally, the Leon Hess Cancer Center offers outpatient chemotherapy for patients with hormone-therapy-resistant prostate cancer.

Treatments for prostate cancer are:


Permanent Seed Brachytherapy (PSB)

Monmouth Medical Center also offers Monmouth County's only hospital-based chapter of US TOO International, a prostate cancer support group whose mission is to provide hope and improve the lives of those affected by prostate cancer through support, education and advocacy/awareness. Monmouth's group meets on the first Thursday of each month and offers mutual support, information and education for men with prostate cancer and their partners. For registration and information, call 732-923-6090.

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Patient Stories

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