Gastrointestinal Cancer Care

Dr. Arvanitis

The Leon Hess Cancer Center has established a Center of Excellence in Gastrointestinal Cancer Care that focuses on multidisciplinary collaboration across the continuum to ensure high-quality care.

Under the medical direction of Michael Arvanitis, M.D., chief of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Monmouth, the center has implemented the following three initiatives under guidelines established by the American Cancer Society for GI cancer screening, education and surveillance:

GI Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference provides a forum for physicians and other health care professionals from all disciplines to evaluate and discuss patient cases and collectively determine proper courses of treatment. The conference is held every second Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. in MMC’s Borden Auditorium.

Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry Program offers a multispecialty team approach to the assessment of family risk, genetic counseling and testing, and the treatment of polyps and cancer. The registry’s main role is to educate high-risk patients with a family history of colorectal cancer about the disease, placing an emphasis on the importance of lifelong surveillance through appropriate testing. Patients enrolled in the registry remain under the care of their referring physicians.


High Risk Colon Cancer Assessment Clinic offers high-risk colorectal patients “one-stop” assessment services. During an afternoon appointment at one convenient location, patients meet with the registry’s coordinator to document a medical history and to prepare family pedigrees. They also undergo appropriate testing and meet with genetic counselors and geneticists. Anyone with an inherited colorectal cancer syndrome is considered to be at risk and can access the clinic’s services. For more information, contact:

Sherry Campbell Grumet, MA, MS
Certified Genetic Counselor
High Risk Cancer Assessment Program
Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry Program
300 Second Ave, BBR4
Long Branch, NJ 07740
Phone: 732-923-6711
Fax: 732-923-7449

For more information regarding our GI program, contact:

Laura Gallo
GI Center Coordinator
Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry Program
Phone: 732-923-6509
Fax: 732-923-6577

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