Advanced Cardiac Imaging

Cardiac CTA

The addition of Philips Brilliance CT 64-Slice reaffirms Monmouth Medical Center’s standing as a leading provider of cardiac care in the region and expands a robust program that features the most expansive diagnostic and interventional cardiac modalities available at an academic medical center.

The Phillips Brilliance CT 64-Slice is one of the most advanced computed tomography (CT) systems and expands the hospital’s clinical boundaries in cardiac and pulmonary imaging, and delivers image quality, dose efficiency and rapid reconstruction times.

Patient Advantages

  • Cardiac CTA is a quick and non-invasive imaging, requiring only an intravenous line placement.
  • The ability to create a 3-D picture of the heart, the capacity to determine blockages in the coronary arteries, and to view the sizes of the cardiac chambers.
  • Offers accurate and unique information of the coronary arteries including narrowing, and type and degree of plaque (or blockages), allowing for more accurate diagnosis and better treatment planning.
  • One of the most sensitive tests for detection of coronary artery disease, CTA can non invasively exclude the disease.

Refer a Patient

To refer a patient for a 64-Slice Cardiac CT, call Cardiac Services at Monmouth Medical Center at 732-923-6546.

Click here to download our Cardiac CTA flyer. (PDF)

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