Geriatric Neurology


Monmouth’s neurologists routinely evaluate, diagnose and treat many conditions which affect cognitive abilities in older adults. When seniors experience problems communicating, remembering or sharing with others, our neurologists can provide answers.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, but there are other causes of memory loss and cognitive difficulties including various diseases and infections, strokes, head injuries, drugs, and nutritional deficiencies. Some causes of dementia are reversible. Our neurologists diagnose the cause of dementia by performing a comprehensive medical exam, cognitive testing, laboratory studies and brain scans, as needed.

In addition to clinical needs of patients, our specialists are sensitive to the emotional needs of patients and families. They understand the fear and anxiety that often is present when symptoms of dementia begin to appear. With precise diagnosis and a treatment plan to meet unique medical needs, our specialists can help improve quality of life with effective treatments and therapies.

Specialized Support for Patients and Families

Sometimes, families and patients need additional support. No matter the diagnosis, patients and caregivers can receive extensive services from a multidisciplinary geriatric team at Monmouth Medical Center’s Greenwall Geriatric Program.

To schedule an appointment, or more information on geriatric neurology services please call 732-923-7550.

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Patient Stories

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