Integrated Health Home Program

The Integrated Health Home continues our overall mission to deliver the highest quality of care in the best possible environment. It is a wellness program designed to provide behavioral health and physical health services and ensures that each client has an ongoing relationship with both a medical- and a psychiatric-licensed independent practitioner in a co-located facility. Clients benefit from having access to team-based clinical providers offering integrated care and coordination of services that help them get healthy and stay healthy.

Servicing both Monmouth and Ocean Counties, the Integrated Health Home offers:

  • Enhanced Discharge Planning

  • Case Management

  • Care Coordination
  • Client and Caregiver Education
  • Staff and Provider Education
  • Social Support Assessment
  • Referral Interventions
  • Client Self-Care Plan
  • Screening Tools
  • Medical Home
  • Client Group Visit Plans
  • Nutritional Support
  • Home Visits

The Integrated Health Home Team Focus

  • Ensure that each patient has an ongoing relationship with medical and psychiatric-licensed practitioner in a co-located facility
  • Ensure coordination and access to chronic disease management, and screening and prevention services including self-management support and health navigation provided by community health workers to clients and their caregivers
  • Ensure treatment compliance by providing outreach to clients
  • Ensure the development of a single treatment plan that includes behavioral health issues, medical issues, substance abuse issues and social needs. This includes incorporating interventions such as nutrition monitoring, healthy lifestyle coaching and wellness activities
  • Ensure all client information is maintained on a secure electronic health record (EHR)

For more information, please contact our Integrated Health Home program at 732.923.6500 ext. 7